Sample Taker


1. Can get the sample indifferent depth at one time.
2. Can choose different mold depends on tablet weight.
3. Can choose different length of taker depends on the mixer size.
4. Easy to use and clean, excellent for analysis of powder uniformity.


Item Sample Taker Mold Postscript
Inspection No. Length Section No. Pcs Material
STA1 60cm 3 STB1 9 pcs/set HISHIRON
STA2 90cm 5 STB2 15 pcs/set HISHIRON
STA3 120cm 7 STB3 21 pcs/set HISHIRON
Mode: Blank, 0.5c.c., 1.0c.c., 2.0c.c., 3.0c.c.
TAG: Tablet Processing MachinePharmaceutical Machine

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