Thanks for all of the VIP attending to Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition Seminar hosted by Yenchen



Dr. Fred Rowley lectured Roller Compactor/ Wet Granulating/ Film Coating on June 20, 2019.
The seminar drew to a successful close. Thanks for all of the VIP attending this seminar.

Tablet Coating Machine

1. Well mixed syrup with tablets are very easy for operation 2. Fully Automatic design, easy for operation and time saving for training operator 3. Uniform coloring, less weight deviation, and smooth coating 4. Fast production time takes 6~12 Hrs/Batch

Wet Granulator Extruder

Wet granulator is designed to process wet power into long shape granule.

Roller Compactor

The roller compactor is designed for precide adjustment of three variables to allow for different kind of material. The three adjustable variables are Screw Speed, Roller Speed, and Roller Pressure; the calculation fo bulk dansity is related to adjusting of the roller gap, the screw speed and the roller speed. The capacity differs depending on the bulk density of the materials according to the following equation.