Complex Fluid Bed Dryer


Complex Fluid Bed Dryer - FBDD-S. Complex Fluid Bed Dryer Complex Fluid Bed Dryer


  • 1. The multi-functional design for spray granulation and pellet coating.
  • 2. External spray gun is easy to be observed and adjusted.
  • 3. The rotary table design makes the coating uniformity and high roundness, particle damage will not happen.
  • 4. High permeability, drying rate is better than centrifugal coater.
  • 5. Rotary table of different air permeability is changeable according to different process condition.
  • 6. Solution volume of the spray gun can be adjusted according to the loading capacity.
  • 7. Easy to discharge.
  • 8. Coated pellet density is higher than the bottom spray (WURSTER).
  • 9. Pellet coating procedure is faster than bottom spray coating (WURSTER), less material loss.
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