Distilled Water System

Distilled Water System



1. Divide into the single effect and multi- effect types
2. Sanitary welding grade: polishing inner and outer for above #320 polish
3. Water/vapor separable design to prevent non-qualified vapor to contaminate the distilled water
4. Can use for distilled water and pure water
5. Double protection control: Temperature and Diaphragm pressure controllers
6. An electric conductivity sensor at the water outlet for water degree controller : the qualified value can be adjusted according to different requirement.
7. All designs are according to the world safety pressure vessel standard ; and inspected by the government before delivery
8. With IQ/OQ validation reports
9. Design according with customer's request from 50L/Hr~5000L/hr or more
10. SIP function available for condenser and piping fittings
11. All contacts with water quality are SUS316 and polish #320
12. Metering water supply and recording all important temperature

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Based in Taiwan, YENCHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1967, is a leading Distilled Water System supplier. The main machinery includes extraction machine & pellet machine & coating machine & pharmaceutical machine, high shear mixer, and fluid bed dryer.

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