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Tumbling Mixer / Yenchen Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing Pharmaceutical Machine for 60 years.

Tumbling Mixer

Tumbling Mixer case

1. Uniform mixing
2. Short mixing time
3. With safety gate and safety interlock
4. Can joint with vacuum suction system and connect to dry granulator for closed type operation and continuous auto loading

17 Feb, 2022 Yenchen
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Tumbling Mixer - Tumbling Mixer
Tumbling Mixer

Tumbling Mixer is suitable for the powder, granule, lubricant adding, binder, seasoning's adding and mixing of western medicine, Chinese medicine and health...


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Located in Taiwan since 1967, YENCHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD. has been a pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment supplier in pharmaceutical industry. Their main manufacturing and processing equipment include, Tumbling Mixer case, hot air sterilizers, extrusion machines, tablet coating and compression machines, pellet making machines and oral solid dosage manufacturing equipment, which are sold to over 70 countries meeting international standards.

Yenchen was established in 1967, our products and services are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, chemical, and cosmetic fields, which include solid dosage line, pellet machine production line, syrup line, injection line, ointment line, extraction & concentration turnkey equipments.

Yenchen has been offering customers high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment since 1967, both with advanced technology and 57 years of experience, Yenchen ensures each customer's demands are met.