Capsule Filling Machine With Auger


This unique, fully-automatic filling machine fills using an auger method, which is especially good for products that cannot be filled by compression or vibration. It is well suited for health food products. This machine has been designed compactly to fit into a small foot print maximizing utilization of space in a production area. The JCF operates at 40,000 capsules per hour.


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    Fully-Automatic Capsule Sealing Machine

    The HICAPSEAL 125 hermetically seals the cap and the body of the capsule at high speed. The HICAPSEAL 125 is available with 125,000 per hour. In addition, it is also equipped with an alignment mechanism and a color-sensing inspection mechanism. Each roller can independently adjust the position of the capsules, so that the bands can be placed more accurately. Since adjustments can be made even while the machine is in use, the setup time can be drastically reduced. The HICAPSEAL 125 is drastically easier to maintain,and its setup time has significantly been reduced. The slats can easily be attached or detached with a special jig. In addition, it is equipped with a drop-prevention feature for the carriers. The carriers in the drying unit can also be attached or detached with a simple touch.The HICAPSEAL 15 is available for smaller capsule runs in either research or development or for critical products with lower volumes. The HICAPSEAL 15 is available with 15,000 per hour. This machine can be used for concurrent manufacturing of multiple types of capsules of small quantities by using multiple line change parts for size 000, 00, 0 and 1 or size 2, 3, 4, and 5 for each line.

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