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Roller Compactor


Dry Granulator

Roller Compactor serves as a pivotal solution for dry granulation, particularly benefiting drugs sensitive to moisture and products requiring improved flowability or density augmentation. By eliminating the need for water and solvents during production, Roller Compactor obviates the drying process, significantly streamlining operations. Additionally, dry binders and lubricants can be added, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the granulation process.

The powder is pushed downward into pressure screw by screw feeding system which then passes through the gap between two compacting rollers where pressure screw and hydraulic pressure squeeze the powder to form flakes. The flakes are then choppped into smaller sizes by crushing rollers. Lastly by dry granulation process, the amount of uniform size granules are made as required.


1. Regulation compliance: cGMP, PIC/S, 21 CFR part11.
2. Turnkey design: The roller compactor is designed with 3 functions, which are "compression", "crushing", and "granulation".
3. Flexible adjustment: Hydraulic pressure is adjustable to accommodate wide range of materials. Powder feeding screw and roller speed can be adjusted with variable speeds.
4. Cooling function: The connection of a cooling system to the bottom of the hopper can reduce the high temperature generated during operation to ensure product quality.
5. Closed-system design: Dust does not leak during production.
6. Utility model patent: Powder feeding screw, roller, crushing roller, granulation claw, granulation screen can be fast installed and removed.
7. Easy to clean: Inside of machine can be washed directly with water to improve clean efficiency.
8. Without water in the granulation process: Products which are sensitive to water, light bulk density, or poor flow ability can reach a stable result by applying and dry granulation process.
9. Process transparency: Production process can be clearly inspected by the large sight windows.

Specification Sheet
MODEL  ( YC-RC )Capacity (Lactose)
Roller Size-Diameter (cm)Roller Size-Width (cm)

bulk density : 1.1 g/c.c.
(the capacity will be different based on RPM, material, roller gap, density..etc.)
* Above information is for reference only, please contact with service personnel for detailed specification.

(Powder material B.D. 0.5g/c.c. 49.5% lactose, 49.5% corn starch, and 1% talc. Yield rate of particle size #80 ~ #20: 70%. Output, particle size, and yield rate could be different due to formula or parameter is changed. Please provide the information of formula and parameter to YENCHEN before negotiating and contracting.)


• Pharmaceutical
a. Free flowing granules for automatic packaging.
b. Compact granules to reduce package size.
c. Dust free granules to facilitate handing.
d. Granules can be filled in smaller capsules.
e. Granules for tabletting.
• Biotech products.
• Chemical industry: Catalysts, fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, cosmetics and other chemicals.
• Agricutural products.
• Food industry: Granules for compressed candies, chocolate, dairy products, seasonings, etc.
• Electrial, mechanical and other industry: Ferrite, kaolin, minerals etc.
• Pigment.


1. Vibration sifter: placing a vibration sifter on the discharge port which can sieve out small and undersize granules for re-granulation.
2. Suction conveyer:
(1) Powder level gauge installed for automatic feeding to achieve automatic precedure.
(2) Fine powder and under sized granules is vibration sieved and sucked back to the hopper by suction conveyer to reduce the inconvenience of manual operation.
3. Flake thickness control: The flake thickness can be adjusted by controlling hydraulic, feeder screw or roller system.


Roller compactor (for 35-70kg)

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