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  • Pellet Equipment / Pellet Machine
    Pellet Equipment / Pellet Machine

    Yenchen pellet machine has a rotatable matrix disc, vertically adjustable pressing rollers that can control the position of the upper and lower plungers, a drive for a height adjustment of the rollers, a housing accommodating the drive, and a bearing block supporting the pressing roller.

  • Pelletizer Machine
    Pelletizer Machine

    Pelletizer machine is suitable for producing round or ball shape granule. The process is to rolling long granule into required round pellet or balls.

  • Extruder

    Extruder is designed to process wet powder into long shape granule. The diameter of granule can be controlled by the screen size.

  • Roller Compactor
    Roller Compactor

    Dry granulation can provide a simple solution for drugs which are sensitive to water and products with poor flow ability or needed to increase in density. Since the water and solvent are not required during production, therefore, the drying process is not necessary. (Dry binder and lubricant can be added) The powder is pushed downward into pressure screw by screw feeding system which then passes through the gap between two compacting rollers where pressure screw and hydraulic pressure squeeze the powder to form flakes. The flakes are then choppped into smaller sizes by crushing rollers. Lastly by dry granulation process, the amount of uniform size granules are made as required.

  • Wet Granulator Extruder
    Wet Granulator Extruder

    Wet granulator is designed to process wet powder into long shape granule.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor

The roller compactor is designed with 3 functions, which are "compression", "crushing", and "granulation".

Laser Drilling / Carving Machine

Laser Drilling / Carving Machine

High-speed reject device is very accurate and does not affect the tablets in motion. The laser system contains a memory system that automatically adjusts to the last position.


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