Centrifugal Coater Granulator

Centrifugal Coater Granulator


We not only provide Centrifugal Coater but also offer Wet Granulator, Through Circulation Dryer and Roller Compactor.

Two types fo spray gun
a. for suspension coating
b. for granule / coating use

The following functions are adjustable
a. Temperature
b. Speed charging speed
c. Powder charging speed
d. Spray gun volume / pressuer
e. Air flow

Slight glass allow
Observation of the operations and the status of the products during the process that enhances the chances of success by the allowing adjustment of the production parameters.

  1. Production scale up model is accommodated by the pneumatic discharge system for easy operation.
  2. Blowe, dust collector can be installed in the technical utilities area.
  3. WIP auto cleaning system is available for production scale up model. (Optional)
  4. Electricity or steam heating system is available.
  5. Air inlet with cooling system available for easy control of the hot air temperature.
  6. Explosion proof system available for organic solvent processes. (Optional)
  7. Dust Collector. (Optional)
  8. Operator interface. (Optional)
  9. Dehumidifier facility can be incorporated to assure product quality. (Optional)

Specification Sheet

Model Capacity
RPM Dimension
(LxWxH mm)
Net Weight
YC-CG-350 3-5 0.75 2.55 0-500 1200x710x1900 500
YC-CG-700 15-25 4.125 0.75 0-350 1955x1340x1318 900
YC-CG-1000 30-50 4.125 0.75 0-350 2500x1200x1680 2000
YC-CG-1300 60-90 7.5 7.5 0-150 2100x2200x2050 3300

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Agriculture Products, Nutritional (Health) Food.

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