Power Mill


Using high speed rotating blades to crush or grind raw materials to a desired size which is smaller than the perforated plate screen.
Speed is adjustable to suit different material.


  • CRUSHING: crush raw material into small granule or power.
  • MILLING: process larger and irregular and irregular granules into smaller and even sized granules.


  • 1. High production output.
  • 2. Meet with GMP standards.
  • 3. Special bearing cooling system(by water or air) for high speed operation thatprevents the hight heat damaging the product and ensures product quality.
  • 4. Stainless steel blades provide a durable cutting edge.
  • 5. 180 degree screen design enables better and faster milling results.
  • 6. Suitable for dry and wet granules.
  • 7. Ease of screen changeover(perforated plate screen)
  • 8. Easy to operate , clean , and assemble.
  • 9. Discharge system in cope with cacuum suction device to eliminate dust contamination.(OPTIONAL)


Perforated plate screen: mesh size can be selected to meet the processing requirements

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