Some raw material needs to process by steam, fry and sock Washing, Drying, Crushing, Milling, and Cutting.

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Over 50 Years Pre-Production | Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment Manufacturer | Yenchen

Based in Taiwan, YENCHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1967, is a Pre-Production | pharmaceutical processing machinery supplier. Pharmaceutical production lines used in the pharma, food, biotechnology, chemical, and cosmetic fields, which include solid dosage line, pellet machine production line, syrup line, injection line, ointment line, extraction & concentration turn key equipment.

Worldwide sales references in over 70 countries, 6000 square meter production factory allows high-quality pharmaceutical equipment supplies. Hundreds of similar companies have been enjoying our pellet & pharmaceutical processing machinery and services for years.

Yenchen has been offering customers high-quality pharmaceutical equipment since 1967, both with advanced technology and 55 years of experience, Yenchen ensures each customer's demands are met.