Super Mixer / Granulator / Microwave Dryer


YENCHEN's Revolutionary Super Mixer/Granulator/Microwave Dryer (SMGD-MV) with high-speed and low-temperature drying to achieve the high quality of the drying product
YENCHEN's Super Mixer/Granulator/Microwave Dryer has been developed jointly with Taiwan Food Industry Research and Development Institute.
YENCHEN's SMGD-MV four in one special design process of Mixing →Granulating →Microwave drying →Dry milling, provides the high sensitive product in the pharmaceutical field to shorten customers' process, reduce the cost, save the space and time and to improve the product quality.

High Shear Mixer / Granulator / Microwave Dryer


1. High-speed drying
Microwaves instantaneously permeate the inside of the substance to be wet-granulated. Resultant granules dry in a shorter time compared with external heating methods as water is given heat.
2. High heat efficiency
Energy can be concentrated on required parts only as desired, enabling extremely high efficient heating.
3. High-speed response
With the microwave drying system, microwaves are transmitted at light-speed, which allows instantaneous start/stop and external temperature control.

Specification Sheet

Lactose -3Kg, corn flour -1.75Kg, binder (PVP K-30) -0.25Kg, water -1Kg, total 6kg
Raw material: 50% lactose, 29% corn flour, 5% binder (PVP K-30), 16% water
moisture content from 20% to 4%, it would take 50min

The above information is for reference only, please contact the service personnel for detailed functional specifications.


1. Pharmaceutical:Antibiotic, contraceptive(birth-control pill), irritant ingredient, hormone medicine.
2. Chemical:Detergent, pesticide, pigment, polymer and ceramic powder.

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