Super Mixer, Granulator, Microwave Dryer


YENCHEN's Revolutionary Super Mixer/Granulator/Microwave Dryer (SMGD-MV) with high-speed and low-temperature drying to achieve the high quality of the drying product
YENCHEN's Super Mixer/Granulator/Microwave Dryer has been developed jointly with Taiwan Food Industry Research and Development Institute.
YENCHEN's SMGD-MV four in one special design process of Mixing →Granulating →Microwave drying →Dry milling, provides the high sensitive product in the pharmaceutical field to shorten customers' process, reduce the cost, save the space and time and to improve the product quality.


  • 1. High-speed drying
  • Microwaves instantaneously permeate the inside of the substance to be wet-granulated. Resultant granules dry in a shorter time compared with external heating methods as water is given heat.
  • 2. High heat efficiency
  • Energy can be concentrated on required parts only as desired, enabling extremely high efficient heating.
  • 3. High-speed response
  • With the microwave drying system, microwaves are transmitted at light-speed, which allows instantaneous start/stop and external temperature control.


Lactose -3Kg, corn flour -1.75Kg, binder (PVP K-30) -0.25Kg, water -1Kg, total 6kg
Raw material: 50% lactose, 29% corn flour, 5% binder (PVP K-30), 16% water
moisture content from 20% to 4%, it would take 50min


1. Pharmaceutical:Antibiotic, contraceptive(birth-control pill), irritant ingredient, hormone medicine.
2. Chemical:Detergent, pesticide, pigment, polymer and ceramic powder.

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