The V shaped mixer's mixing method is through rotating the granules rapidly and this enables the product separating into two cones then two merge into one again. By repeating the procedure, the granule will then be separated and merged again and agani to reach the best mixing result.


  • 1. Well mixing effect
  • 2. Simple Structure
  • 3. Easy cleaning
  • 4. With safety gate and safety interlock
  • 5. Can joint with vacuum suction system and connect to dry granulator for closed type operation and continuous auto loading.


ModelFull CapacityWorking CapacityWorking Batch
(Assuming) 0.6g/c.c.
Discharge HeightDischargeMotorR.P.M.DimensionWeight
LLKgmmHPL x W x H (mm)Kg
YC-VM-20208~125~85803"1/40~401200 x 810 x 1500200
YC-VM-10010040~6024~365803"1301430 x 1200 x 1500500
YC-VM-300300120~18070~1108006"1242300 x 1800 x 22001200
YC-VM-500500200~300120~1808206"3242500 x 2300 x 28001600
YC-VM-600600240~360210140~2108206"3202600 x 2300 x 28001650
YC-VM-10001000400~600240~3608208"7-1/2203390 x 2000 x 30652000
YC-VM-20002000800~1200480~7208208"10203850 x 2720 x 35602500
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


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