Yenchen Machinery is one of the leading pharmaceutical machinery manufactures in the world.

BioTaiwan 2018

2018/07/19 Yenchen

Yenchen will attend BioTaiwan Exhibition on July 19 ~ 22 ,2018.

Yenchen Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing Pharmaceutical Machine for many years.
We mainly provide Pellet Machine, Coating Machine, Extraction Machine, Sterilizer and Ointment Equipment which can be widely applied to Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical Industry.
In addition, our main products also include High Shear Mixer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Oral Dosage Equipment and Dry Granulator.
As a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Machine, we offer above mentioned products with superior quality.

Exhibition Detail

  • BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018
  • Date: July 19 to 22, 2018
  • Show Hours: AM10:00 ~ PM6:00
  • Venue: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall,Taipei,Taiwan
  • Our Booth: L610

Display Products

Fluid Bed Dryer
Model Number: FBD
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1. Drying: The better time saving of YENCHEN's FBD to dry powder or granules is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven.
2. Granulation: The better fluidity and solubility of the granules after spraying the binder or active ingredients fromm the top to the fluidized powder.

Suitable for:
Granulation / Drying
Pellet(Controlled-Release Coating):
Film Coating, Enteric Coating and Powder Coating

Tablet Coating Machine
Model Number: SC
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1. Film Coating: Coat with a uniform and a thin protection layer on he tables. (Aqueous or organic solvent are applicable) 
2. Enteric Coating: Coat with a uniform protection layer on the tablets to against the gastric acidity. 
3. Sugar Coating: Coat with sugar protection layers on the tablets. 

1. Pharmaceutical: For tablets film coating, enteric coating, sugar coating and control released coating. 
2. Food: Film coating of the agriculture product and healthy food, sugar coating of chewing gum and candy. 
3. Seed: For insect protection layer or nutrient.
High Shear Mixer
Model Number: SMG
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1. Mixing: Powder and powder
2. Granulation: Powder and binder

1. Pharmaceutical: Powder mixing, granulating with binder before tabletting. 
2. Food: Fruit favored tablet, seasoning and healthy food granulation. 
3. Chemical material mixing and granulation. 
4. Electronic material mixing and granulation.
Cloud Mill
Model Number: CMF
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1. High yield, efficient system to ensure low waste of raw material
2. High pulverization efficiency, i.e. high kg/kW ratio
3. A wide range of particle size supported and customizable by demand. Grinding size up to 500 mesh
4. Simple maintenance: Small number of assembly parts and inexpensive consumables
5. Simple operation yet detailed control through large LCD touch panel

Nuts, Spices, Mixed grain, Herbal medicine, Food, Chemical materials, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical materials, Fishmeal, Paper powder

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BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018

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Best Sale

Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor

The roller compactor is designed with 3 functions, which are "compression", "cutting", and "granulation".

Laser Drilling / Carving Machine

Laser Drilling / Carving Machine

High-speed reject device is very accurate and does not affect the tablets in motion. The laser system contains a memory system that automatically adjusts to the last position.


Yenchen BioTaiwan 2018 Introduction

YENCHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is Taiwan, China, Japan supplier and manufacturer in Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry. Yenchen has been offering our customers high quality Solid Dosage Line, Pellet Machine Production Line, Syrup Line, Injection Line, Ointment Line, Extraction & Concentration Turn Key Equipments since 1967. With both advanced technology and 53 years experience, Yenchen always make sure to meet each customer's demand.