Laser Drilling, Carving Machine

Laser Drilling, Carving Machine



1. Automatically distinguish color to ensure correct orientation of tablet.
2. Precision guide apparatus stabilize tablets to ensure precise center point drilling.
3. High-speed reject device is very accurate and does not affect the tablets in motion.
4. The laser system contains a memory system that automatically adjusts to the last position.
5. Red light target positioning function (manual adjustment)
6. "On the fly" marking allows tablets to be drilled while in motion.
7. The aperture size can be adjusted without using the focusing mirror.
8. Figures or patterns can be laser carved to prevent drug counterfeiting.
9. Two CCD detection systems ensure that the final product quality reached is 100%.


  • Diameter:9mm~10mm
  • Thickness:5mm
  • Capacity:30000~40000 pcs/hr
  • (as diameter of hole= 0.5mm)


Osmotic controlled release oral-delivery system, OROS

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