Through Circulation Dryer


Through Circulation Dryer is evenly distribute across the punched-hole drying trays and covered by filter cloth.
The trays are placed on the special designed trolley for optimize the drying effect.
The fresh air will be treated with dehumidifier, heater and hepa filter. The treated air will pass through the wet granule and remove the moisture.

Single Pass Dryer


1. Single pass design, avoid cross contamination
2. Comply with cGMP, PIC/S, GMP, FDA requirement
3. High drying efficiency: approx 2~3 times faster than conventional dryer
4. Suitable for aqueous and organic solvent product.
5. Constant drying: no need to flip or stir the product nor exchange the tray during the process.
6. Hot air evenly passes through the product maintain the product quality. Differences in moisture and color will be minimize.
7. Air inlet pass through 3 level of filter (pre-filter, 95% semi HEPA filter & 99.97% HEPA filter) to ensure the quality.
8. Air inlet and out controlled with automatic damper.
9. Critical parameter
  a. Precise temperature control: the operating tolerance for temperature is ±2℃
  b. Humidity control: inlet absolute humidity can be control at 9g/m³ ±1 g/m³
  c. Air flow within the range of 30~100% can be automatic setting and control within ±5%
10. Evenly distributed heat: with loading <±5℃

Specification Sheet

Model Full Capacity
In L/batch
Working Capacity
In L/batch
Working Capacity
In Kg/batch
(B.D. 0.5g/cc)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Drying For Powder, Granule, Long Granule, Pellet, Pill, Tablet

Control System:

  1. Human-Machine Interface(HMI) + PLC control panel
  2. Comply with 21 CFR part 11 (optional)
  3. authorization level: 3~4 level
  4. Recipe recording, processing record can be save and print
  5. Parameter recording curve: temperature, humidity, air flow, static pressure and etc.
  6. Component from well-known international brand; pneumatic component from FESTO

Provide Complete Document And Trial:

  1. Documentation: include DQ/IQ/OQ
  2. Equipped with various instruments, complete testing, for example:
    A. FAT, SAT: empty & loading heating distribution test and report.
    B. Before shipment: complete PAO test & report
  3. FAT: able to provide all utilities included: steam, chilled water, compressed air and placebo trial.

Optional equipment:

  1. Explosion proof system (if using organic solvent)
  2. Temperature recorder
  3. Heating by steam or electric
  4. Air flow sensor
  5. Wip system
  6. Rotary dehumidifier
  7. Exhaust filter or dust collector


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