Through Circulation Dryer

Through Circulation Dryer


The Drying object either powder or granules is placed on the drying grays which are made of special screens or punch hole plates and covered around by filter cloth.
The drying trays are placed in the special designed trolley which has several layers perfectly matched with the drying chamber.
The air suction is drawn by the exhaust blower which is placed beside the drying chamber. The hot air passes though the drying objects from top to bottom and takes away the moisture form each tray.


1. High efficiency: The hot air quickly removes the moisture from drying object to maintain the product quality.
2. Short drying time: The drying rate is 2~4times faster than the conventional dryer.
3. Constant drying: No need to stir the drying object at all time.
4. Temperature uniformity : The temperature in each tray is controlled with in ±5℃(Loading 50~80℃)
5. Precise temperature control: The temperature setting point can be controlled within ±2℃.
6. No color difference.
7. Air inlet with automatic controlled damper can avoid reverse air flow.
8. During the operation process , the chamber will be in negative pressure.
9. All processes are controlled by PLC.
10. The drying chambers’s surrounding is completely welded to ensure no insulation wool will fall into the chamber.
11. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
12. The movable trolley can move up and down and easy clean.

Specification Sheet

  1. Heating system by electricity or steam is available and can be both selected or use independently. (In case of night time , there is no steam supply then can use electric heating.)
  2. Safety relief duct can be selected as optional (for explosion prool)
  3. Automatic Circulation system.
  4. One pass type air outlet can be selected.
  5. Temperature recorder.
  6. Inlet air filter (hepa filter)
  7. Air outlet control by automatic damper.
  8. The contact material change to SUS316.
Model Full Capacity
In L/batch
Working Capacity
In L/batch
Working Capacity
In Kg/batch
(B.D. 0.5g/cc)
YC-TCD-201 75 30-50 15-25
YC-TCD-201B 150 60-100 30-50
YC-TCD-202 300 120-200 60-100
YC-TCD-202B 425 180-300 90-150
YC-TCD-203 570 240-400 120-200
YC-TCD-204B 850 360-600 180-300
YC-TCD-205B 1150 480-800 240-400

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Dyeing Materials, Pigments , Sea Products, Garlics, Pesticides, Agricultural Products, Fruits.
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