Automatic Tablet Inspection

Automatic Tablet Inspection


Automatic Tablet Inspection won the competition of Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Productivity 4.0 Product in 2016.
Inspection efficiency up to 120,000 tablets/hour.

Optical inspection principle:

Automatic optical inspection is a common method in industrial processes. In the use of optical instruments to obtain the surface state of the finished product, and then inspect foreign objects, abnormal patterns and other defects by the computer image processing technology. Tablet inspection machine is used the optical illumination and image measurement technology to inspect size mismatch, surface foreign object, pucker, stained, breakage, twining of the tablet.


1. Follow the requirements of cGMP、PIC/S、21CFR Part 11
2. Using high-sensitivity CMOS CCD to take high-resolution images. Inspect hair and foreign objects, adhesion of dirt and foreign matters, improve the detection accuracy of the edge of the tablet.
3. High-speed image processing technology to improve the quality of inspection process and save manpower.

Specification Sheet

Suitable Tablets
Unpainted tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, shaped tablets
(option:print, lettering, secant (single、double)
Tablet Dimensions
Round ∅5~∅13mm
Maximum length of shaped tablets is 20mm
2~8mm (other sizes can be customized)
Tablet Color
Preferred white
Inspection Item
Dirt / Defect / Discoloration printing / drag ink / hair / fiber testing
Accuracy of Inspection
20,000~100,000 Tablets/HR
Front/Back Inspection
Lighting system:High brightness LED diffuse lighting (light diffusing built-in)
Function of light intensity adjustment : more than 30,000 hours
Side Inspection
High brightness LED low angle illumination
Function of light intensity adjustment : more than 30,000 hours
CCD Camera
Standard Inspection:High sensitivity sensor camera. Camera lens:F =2.8 F =30mm
Side Inspection:High sensitivity sensor camera. Telecentric lens:F =6 depth of field ±5.7
Power Supply
3-phases AC200V±10% 3φ ,50Hz/60Hz,above 5kW

Suitable for:

  1. Inspection of capsules, soft capsules, tablet
  2. Inspection of package
  3. appearance inspection of the bottle and cap
  4. Inspection of package label
  5. Tablets aperture inspection of laser drilling machine
  6. capsule trademark sculpture and visual inspection
  7. Inspection of the electronics industry appliance

System introduction:

  1. Tablet turn over to complete 360° inspection.
  2. Inspection of abnormal tablet:size mismatch, breakage, stained, twining of the tablets. (option:identification of tablet lettering and printing)
  3. Inspection accuracy of stained and breakage is 50um.
  4. Two column inspection simultaneously, viewing rate of each column is 60k pcs / hr (tablet spacing 6mm), the dimension of tablets is Ø13mm.
  5. Contact material is SUS316 complied with FDA.
  6. The detect range, the search range and parameter of brightness, contrast can be set.
  7. Production parameters can be memorized. Previous parameters can be loaded.
  8. Abnormal image recording.

Tension adjusting mechanism
Tension adjusting mechanism

Flow Chart:

Flow Chart


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