Hot Air Sterilizer


Hot air sterilization is applicable to sterilization instruments which can tolerate high temperature and need to remain in sterilized condition. This process is commonly used for vial, ampoule, rubber stoppers and stainless steel instruments. Under the same condition, hot air sterilization needs a higher temperature to kill germs and micro-organisms than saturated vapor sterilization.


Sterilizer from the washing room and sterile room. Bottles are to be loaded into the washing room and to be sterilized by the sterilizer and loaded out from the sterile room. Fresh air in the sterilizer passes through a pre-filter, heated by the electric heater to become hot air. The hot air high temperature durable Hepa Filter which will result the particle counter of under class 100 before entering in the sterilizing camber. The air flow adjustable damper is installed at both sides at the sterilizing chamber to even the chamber temperature which helps exterminating germs and other micro-organisms to ensure that there Is no more than 0 germs alive in one million sterilized objects.


1. Safety sterilized welding: Sterilizing room is welded using stainless steel 5U5304 which avoids contaimination from the iusulation material after long use.
2. Complete closure: During the process of sterilization and when the sterilizer is oft, the dampers are always tightly closed to ensure the sterilizing chamber is fully closed.
3. High efficiency filters: The absolute Hepa 99,97% filter can bare above 350t and can particles below 0.3 Micro.
4. High temperature durable seal; The seal of the circulation blowers made of carbon filter to bare the high temperature of hot air passing Through, to prevent air leakage and to avoid contamination.
5. SCR control: SCR (Silicon Control Resister is adopted to ensure the most smooth curve of temperature when heating.
6. Evenly distributed hot cir: The air flow adjustable baffles installed at both 'sides of the sterilizing chamber can ensure that hot air spreads evenly.
7. Postive, negative pressure design: To avoid contamination, the sterilizing chamber has negative pressure before the completion of sterilization and positive pressure when sterilizing process completes.
8. Inter-locked with safety switches: floors are inter-locked with safety switches (only the door on the sterile room side can be opened open when the sterilizing process completes.)
9. Fully automatic control: Programmable control tar drying, heating, sterilizing and coaling cycle.
10. Pre-set timer available: Pre-set time Is available for any preferred time. (can preset the sterilizing process before off duty, the next 'day the goods will be ready.)
11. Testing holes available: DOP hole, particle counter test hole and validation testing holes are available for inspection
12. Temperature recorder: Can completely record the whole sterilization process of temperature progress through out sterilization.
13. Over heat protection: Double temperature control is equipped to ensure safety.
14. Monometer: Can check the resistance of the filter.
15. Complete original records of sensors and calibration of all instruments are available.


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