Tablet Laser Drilling Machine


Tablet Laser Drilling Machine - LDM. Tablet Laser Drilling Machine Tablet Laser Drilling Machine
Tablet Laser Drilling Machine - LDM. Cylindrical shape tablet
∅6mm x H 9mm Cylindrical shape tablet ∅6mm x H 9mm
Tablet Laser Drilling Machine - LDM. Flat tablet
∅5~12mm x H 4~8mm Flat tablet ∅5~12mm x H 4~8mm

Suitable for:
Release Controlled Drug Dosage Drilling
Figures/Pattern/Brand/Bar Code Carving
It's an osmotic controlled release Oral delivery system(OROS) for Diabetes, Hypertension, Angina pectoris, Allergy, Asthma, Schizophrenia, Flu.


  • 1. Computer control, manual / automatic operation.
  • 2. Linear velocity of tablet is 85 cm / min (maximum).
  • 3. The machine can be used for bi-color and monochrome tablets. Tablet diameter is from Ø6mm to Ø12mm, thickness is from 5mm to 9mm.
  • 4. The working time of the laser drilling machine CO2 is about 30,000 hours, drilling aperture adjustable (the smaller the aperture, the longer working hours of CO2, laser drilling machine work area ranges: H50mm X W50mm X H4 mm).
  • 5. The device system including: vibrating hopper, centrifugal alignment supply mechanism, flat transport mechanism, indexing plate mechanism, laser drilling mechanism, image discrimination sensor, RGB color identification system, CCD camera detection system and discrimination discharge mechanism.
  • 6. Automatically detect tablets surface: According to the tablet color to determine drug layer or push layer. The tablet with drug layer up will be send to the conveyor.
  • 7. Automatic checked one by one: drilling, pore size, pore deviation.
  • 8. The system complies with CFR21 Part11 and GAMP5.


Tablet size
Shape of tabletTablet thicknessTablet diameterWorking capacity
Flat tablet4mm~8mm5mm~12mm36,000 tablets/hour
Cylindrical shape tablet8mm~15mm5mm~10mm36,000 tablets/hour


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