Extraction Equipment Agitating Type



1. Loading, water charging, extraction, draining, discharging, filtering, extruding, , conveying and CIP cleaning are all controlled from the central control room.
2. Three-dimensional design, require small working area.
3. Bigger working capacity, need less water than basket type.
4. The extracted herb is agitated, therefore the efficiency of extraction is better.
5. Water loading can be measured automatically,it is very accurate and convenient.
6. Temperature and timer of extraction can be controlled automatically.
7. Material loading: it is closed and effective loading by vacuum suction conveying.
8. The working surrounding is clean and temperature is lower.
9. Fully closed process which meets the sanitary requirement.
10. By condenses system, it can work under a total closed operation in the atmosphere pressure without losing the essence and flavor of oil.
11. Using vibration shifter, very effective for separating and filtering.
12. Auto liquid drain out (for 1st time extraction) material discharge (for 2nd time extraction)
13. The discharged herbs can be extruded by the extruder to make most of the residual extraction liquid out of herbs.
14. The extruded herbs can be conveyed to outside of room.
15. The process visualization with touch screen monitor system can be controlled directly from the central control room.
16. CIP auto cleaning system an be added as option.
17. The explosion proof system can be added if the solvent is alcohol.
18. The recovery system for essence oil can be added as option.

Specification Sheet

ModelFull Capacity (L)Working Capacity (L)
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Suitable for production with big capacity and less variety of products.


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