Low Temperature Pulverizer - Cloud Mill


LTP(Low Temperature Pulverization) technology.
Dedicated to maintaining material quality and flavor.
Revolutionary pulverizer meets most-advanced market demands.


1. High yield, efficient system to ensure low waste of raw material.
2. High pulverization efficiency, i.e. high kg/kw ratio.
3. A wide range of particle size supported and customizable by demand. Grinding size up to 500 mesh (25μm).
4. Simple maintenance: Small number of assembly parts and inexpensive consumables.
5. Simple operation yet detailed control through large LCD touch panel.

Specification Sheet

Milling typePendulum typePendulum type
No. of rolls3 pcs3 pcs ~6 pcs
Roll driver5.5kw22~30kw
Rotary valve0.4kw0.4kw
Capacity40~100 kg/hr(rice)
20~50 kg/hr(green tea)
200~1000 kg/hr(depends on the raw material)
250~400 kg/hr(green tea)
Powder collectorCyclone & Cartridge filterCyclone & Cartridge filter
Exhaust blower5.5kw22kw
Operation panelTouch screenTouch screen
Weight(Main body)950kg4200kg
Dimension(mm)1000L x 1450W x 1450H1800L x 1300W x 1900H

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Food supplement:
Green tea, Ginger, Pearl barley, Yam, etc.

Food industry:
Wheat, Rice, Corn, Barley, Beans, Paper, Agar, etc.

Spice/herbal industry:
Pepper, Chili, Cinnamon, Anise, Cumin, Licorice, etc.

Characteristics of powder pulverized by cloud mill:

  1. Undergone low enthalpy and low thermal denaturation.
  2. Extended life cycle.
  3. High uniformity in particle size distribution; low quantity of under- or over-pulverized particles.
  4. Adept to mix with other particles -> efficient manufacturing.
  5. Good permeability.



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