Extruder is designed to process wet powder into long shape granule. The diameter of granule can be controlled by the screen size.


1. Suitable for small & mass production.(Minimum 200g)
2. Ease of screen changeover.(PCD 0.4~2.0mm)
3. Easy for cleaning & installation.
4. Meet with cGMP standards.
5. Cooling system to prevent overheating.
6. Output with torque controller to ensure same density and even sized granule.
7. Continuous granulation operation.

Specification Sheet

Screw OD
Screw ID
YC-EG-2 3~6 2 150 30 44.5 20
YC-EG-3 30~50 3 150 65 95 45
YC-EG-5 50~80 5 150 82 120 52
YC-EG-7 80~120 7.5 150 95 140 62
YC-EG-10 120~200 10 150 120 175 80

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Ceramics, Metallurgical, Health Food Industries.

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