Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer


1. Direct drying from paste or liquid form to fine powder form
2. Mike powder, Chinese medicine, seasoning, pigment, carbonic acid


1. Direct drying from paste or liquid form to fine powder
2. After drying will not change the quality of raw material
3. High viscosity & high concentration also can be dried
4. Short & instant drying
5. For sensitive material can remain its color, favor, & taste

Specification Sheet

Model Water Evaporation Rate Heater Consumption
(Steam Source 3kg/cm2)
Require Space
L kg/hr kw cm
YC-SD-1.5 1.5 N/A Electric:13.5 200x130x230
YC-SD-5 5 N/A Electric:15 200x170x350
YC-SD-10 10 N/A Electric:18 500x300x400
YC-SD-50 50 N/A Electric:35 600x500x850
YC-SD-100 100 Steam:140 Electric:70 1200x1000x950
YC-SD-200 200 Steam:280 Electric:140 1400x1000x1200
YC-SD-300 300 Steam:420 Electric:210 1700x1200x1400

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. Chinese Medicine
  2. Meat Seasoning
  3. Chemical


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