Super Mixer, Granulator, Dryer


Mixing and Granulation:
The main impeller mixed the powder into a fluidized vortex and forms agglomerates with the binder solution. Then the high-speed chopper breaks the agglomerates into granules by a rolling action.

Drying (Use vacuum drying system):
The Mixing Tank is heated by the hot water in jacket; the wet granules are rolling slowly and dehydration by vacuum suction to reach to drying efficiency.

Description of the process

Powder Vacuum Loading → Drying Mixing → Binder Spraying → Wet Granulation → Vacuum Drying → Milling → Auto Suction to Bin

Four in one single bowl

  1. Multiple functions: Mixing , Granulation, Drying, Milling
  2. One line production only need an equipment (YC-SMGD) to finish the whole process that saves the space
  3. Four in one process to prevent the movement and contamination of the products.
  4. Operation in a closed type design to reduce the contamination
  5. Drying temperature: 50~80°C
  6. Drying time: Organic solvent is around 1-2 hrs; water is around 2-4hrs
  7. Variable speed to meet different process: Mixing and Granulation by High Speed: Drying and Discharging by Low Speed.

Automatic / Closed type operation

  1. Powder Vacuum Loading is available
  2. Binder Spraying: Using the mist nozzle design
  3. Touch Screen Interface control system: all the paraeters can be memorable, multilever of pins can be set, connect to the diagrams printing
  4. Discharge connects a Cone Mill and a Bin are available
  5. The end point control of granulation: by ampere or torque


  • 1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
  • 2. WIP System is available
  • 3. Explosion Proof System is available: Suitable for organic solvent
  • 4. Multi-safety Interlock System:
  • 4a. Stop operation when the cover is not closed properly
  • 4b. Stop operation when the air pressure is not sufficient for the seal
  • 5. Separated compressed air routes design to meet the good air quality: the compressed air for air seal will pass through an air filter. For the cylinder, the compressed air will pass through lubricating oil to ensure the air quality and lubrication
  • 6. Unique design of the air seal: This design can prevent powder access into the main seal and the chopper to prevent powder dropping
  • 7. The clearance between impeller and the bottom of mixing bowl is only about 0.5~0.8 mm; therefore, high mixing efficiency can be achieved


ModelFull CapacityWorking CapacityMain Drive (60Hz)Main DriveChopper DriveChopper Drive (60Hz)Average Working Batch
(Assuming) 0.5g/c.c.
Vacuum PumpNet WeightDimension
LLKwrpmKwrpmKgKwKgL x W x H (mm)
YC-SMGD-2020142.250~1720.75300~34404~62.23001560 x 540 x 1500
YC-SMGD-100100703.7/5.5172/1201.5/2.21720/344025-353.710002100 x 700 x 2000
YC-SMGD-1501501057.5/11.2172/1202.2/3.71720/344035-503.712002300 x 850 x 2500
YC-SMGD-25025017511.2/15172/1203.7/5.51720/344068-855.517002420 x 900 x 2500
YC-SMGD-30030021015/22.5160/1053.7/5.51720/344075-1055.521002600 x 950 x 2500
YC-SMGD-40040028022.5/26.5145/955.5/7.31720/3440100-1507.528002800 x 2700 x 3200
YC-SMGD-6006004203712011.21720/3440150-2001134003000 x 3000 x 3000
YC-SMGD-80080056045120153440200-3001539003150 x 2800 x 3500
YC-SMGD-10001000700568018.53440250-3001942003300 x 2800 x 4000
YC-SMGD-20002000140011280223440500-70037.554004000 x 3400 x 4500
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. Pharmaceutical: Antibiotic, contraceptive (birth-control pill), irritant ingredient, hormone medicine
  2. Chemical: Detergent, pesticide, pigment, polymer and ceramic powder


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