Tablet Coating Machine


Sugar Coating System

1. Well mixed syrup with tablets are very easy for operation
2. Fully Automatic design, easy for operation and time saving for training operator
3. Uniform coloring, less weight deviation, and smooth coating
4. Fast production time takes 6~12 Hrs/Batch


  1. Film Coating: Coat with a uniform and a thin protection layer on he tables. (Aqueous or organic solvent are applicable)
  2. Enteric Coating: Coat with a uniform protection layer on the tablets to against the gastric acidity.
  3. Sugar Coating: Coat with sugar protection layers on the tablets.

Film Coating Process

  1. Preheating → Film Coating → Drying → Cooling → Finish

Principles of the Super Coater

  1. Film / Enteric Coating:
    Pump the solution to a spray gun then spray onto the tablets in the tumbilng pan and continuous dry by heated air to form a uniform and a thin layer on the tablets surface.
  2. Sugar Coating:
    The syrup spray to the tablets by a metring pump, then through the repeated process of tumbling, cooling and drying to form a thick sugar layer in order to protect the tablet.

Optional device are abailable

  1. Explosion proof system (Organic solvent is applicable)
  2. WIP or CIP system
  3. Touch Screen Interface control system
  4. Temperature recorder
  5. Dehumidifier device
  6. Dust collector system (Wet or Dry types)
  7. High accuracy air volume / pressure measuring device
  8. Weighing system (To observe the changing of the solution)
  9. Preparation tank


  • 1. Follow the regulations of CGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
  • 2. One equipment can perform multiple functions: for Film Coating, Enteric Coating, and Sugar Coating
  • 3. Punched hole of a coating pan design: High drying efficiency
  • 4. Short operation time: For Film, it takes 1-3 Hrs /Batch
  • 5. Short operation time: For Enteric, it takes 3-4 Hrs /Batch
  • 6. Short operation time: For Sugar, it takes 6-12 Hrs /Batch
  • 7. Data recordable for whole process of the Coating Machine: Easy for an operator training
  • 8. Multi-Safety Interlock System: For operator's safety and quality assurance
  • 9. Auto discharging system is optional available for labor saving purpose
  • 10. Auto dampers designed of inlet and outlet air: The design of the equipment is to secure dampers are operated by pneumatic and easy to control and adjust
  • 11. The Coating Machine is equipped with Touch Screen Interface control system: All the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of passwords can be set, connect to the diagrams printing are optional available
  • 12. The inlet air is filtered by a final-filter to secure the cleanness of the inlet air
  • 13. A cantilever design of the spray guns rack is precisely equipped on the equipment, easy for operation (A slide track design is for the bigger model)
  • 14. Changeable pans design: Different size of the pans can be used in one equipment


ModelWorking CapacityPan SpeedPan Dia.Dimension (mm)Pan Drive MotorWeight
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. Pharmaceutical: For tablets film coating, enteric coating, sugar coating and control released coating.
  2. Food: Film coating of the agriculture product and healthy food, sugar coating of chewing gum and candy.
  3. Seed: For insect protection layer or nutrient.


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