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Tablet Coating Machine - Coating Machine, Super Coater, Tablet Coater
  • Tablet Coating Machine - Coating Machine, Super Coater, Tablet Coater
  • Tablet Coating Machine

Tablet Coating Machine


Sugar Coating System, Super Coater, Tablet Coater, Film Coating Machine, Pill Coating Machine, Tablet Film Coater, Pharmaceutical Coating Machine

Tablet coating machine forms a thin film protective layer on the surface of tablets, protecting drugs from external environmental influences and extending their shelf life. It not only improves the taste and appearance of drugs but also enhances their stability and dissolution rate. Tablet coating machines are used for various functional outer layers such as film coating, enteric coating, and sugar coating.

Principles of the Super Coater

1. Film / Enteric Coating:
Pump the solution to a spray gun then spray onto the tablets in the tumbilng pan and continuous dry by heated air to form a uniform and a thin layer on the tablets surface.
2. Sugar Coating:
The syrup spray to the tablets by a metring pump, then through the repeated process of tumbling, cooling and drying to form a thick sugar layer in order to protect the tablet.

Optional devices are available

1. Explosion proof system (Organic solvent is applicable).
2. WIP or CIP system.
3. Touch Screen Interface control system.
4. Temperature recorder.
5. Dehumidifier device.
6. Dust collector system (Wet or Dry types).
7. High accuracy air volume / pressure measuring device.
8. Weighing system (To observe the changing of the solution).
9. Preparation tank.


1. Comply with regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
2. Coating pan punch hole design: High drying efficiency
3. Stable control of air inlet/outlet temperature, humidity, flow, pressure: Minimum waste of coating material.
4. Aqueous or organic solvent are applicable (Ex-Proof type)
5. Well uniformity coating for functional coating: including control release coating, film coating, micro tablet coating
6. High yield rate: Un-even coloring, broken, or twinning tablets can be less than 0.2%.
7. Stable control of critical parameters
  a. temperature control: Setting Value ±2℃ (With optional air damper: ±1℃)
  b. Humidity control: Air inlet moisture can be controlled as 9g/Kg ±1g/Kg. (Chilled water: inlet 7℃, return 12℃)
  c. Inlet air flow can be controlled within ±5% in 30~100%.
  d. Differential pressure of coating pan can be set and controlled with accuracy ±5%
  e. coating spray rate can be set and controlled with accuracy ±5%
8. Use of Schlick spray gun, better atomization(optional)
9. Use of Donaldson dry dust collector: for environment protection(optional)
10. Air handling unit consists of pre filter, medium filter, and HEPA filter to assure processing air cleanliness.
11. A cantilever design of the spray guns rack is easy for operation (A slide track design is for the large model)
12. Automatic discharge device: complete discharge within 10 mins

Specification Sheet
Working capacity
(B.D. 0.7)
Working capacity
(B.D. 0.8)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Pharmaceutical: For tablets film coating, enteric coating, sugar coating and control released coating.
  • Food: Film coating of the agriculture product and healthy food, sugar coating of chewing gum and candy.
  • Seed: For insect protection layer or nutrient.
Control system

1. PLC + HMI (Industrial PC) control
2. Conform to CFR21 Part11
3. User authorization level: 3 ~ 4 levels
4. Spray gun atomizing air: pressure and flow rate could be controlled independently
5. Recipes and production batch records storage is available
6. Critical parameter graph: temperature, humidity, air flow, coating pan rotation speed, solution spray volume, pressure difference etc.
7. Components of control system: well-known international brands. Pneumatic component: Festo

Complete documents and test could be provided

1. Qualification document: Includes DQ/IQ/OQ
2. Testing instruments are available at site: stainless delta element analyzer, surface roughness tester, velocity meter, PAO photometer etc.
3. FAT: All power sources are ready at site, such as steam, chilled water, and compress air. Sample trial can be executed.

Optional device

1. Explosion proof system (for organic solvent)
2. WIP system
3. Rotary dehumidifier / Humidifier
4. Solution flow rate control: Load cell / liquid flow meter
5. Spray gun pressure detector
6. Highly sensitive equipment: Close type material loading, discharging, sampling, and Bag-in Bag-out dust collector. Conform to OEB-3, OEB-4.
7. Sugar coating system: Fully automatic design, easy to operate. Uniform coloring, less weight deviation, and smooth coating.


Changeable pan tablet coating machine

Coater for OEB4 oncology products

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