Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer


Drying: The high drying efficiency is because the powder or granules are fluidized in the drying chamber and the container is using a turbo blower, the hot air passed through the powder or granules from bottom to the top of drying chamber to remove the humidity.

Granulation: Spray atomized binder or active ingredients on the suspension powder by spray guns to formm the uniformity granules.

Spray Granulator


  1. Drying: The better time saving of YENCHEN's FBD to dry powder or granules is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven.
  2. Granulation: The better fluidity and solubility of the granules after spraying the binder or active ingredients from the top to the fluidized powder.

Description of the process

Super Mixer and Granulator → Fluid Bed Dryer and Granulator → Cone Mill → Tumbling Mixer

Optional Devices are available

  1. Explosion proof system (when oranic solvent is used)
    1. 2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room is on the top floor (Safety relief duct towards up)
    2. 2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room beside outdoor (Safety relief duct towards back)
    3. 10 bar pressure resistant design; No safety relief duct
    4. Safety relief duct: An organic solvent is not used
  2. WIP or CIP system
  3. Dehumidifier device
  4. Dust collector system (Dry or Wet type)
  5. High accuracy air volume / pressure measuring device
  6. Powder leakage detector
  7. Suction device (Or connect with YENCHEN's Super Mixer and Granulator)
  8. Vacuum discharge (Closed type)
  9. Lifting and tilting device

Model Choosing

  • Single Shaking type of FBDG: For this model cannot add bottom spray or side spray.
  • For bottom spray or side spray please choose YENCHEN's Double Shaking type of FBDD.


1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
2. High drying efficiency: The normal granules drying time is about 30-45 minutes/batch, FBD is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven
3. Top spray atomizing: Fast spray granulation time and uniformity
4. Mixing, granulation and drying are in one machine: Save space and time
5. The integrated drying chamber has a strong strength and easy to clean
6. One of the features of Fluid Bed Dryer - the bag filter movement is designed by an auto pneumatic operation
7. The inlet air is filtered by a final filter to secure the cleanness of the inlet air
8. The bag filter is made of a static electricity conductivity cloth to discharge static electricity
9. Touch Screen Interface control system: All the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of passwords can be set, connect to the diagrams printing are optional available
10. An optional dehumidifier can be installed for the thermosensitive product like pro-biotic
11. Customized equipments to connect with other equipments like Super Mixer, Cone Mill, or Lifting Device, etc.

Specification Sheet

Model Working Capacity Volume of Container Fan Motor Air Flow Heating Volume Steam Consumption Room Dimension
Kgs/Batch L Kw cmm Kcal/Hr Kg/Hr cm
YC-FBD-2 0.5~1.5 7 2.2 6 8500 7~9Kw 250x300x250
YC-FBD-8 3~5 20 3.75 12 17000 15~20Kw 300x300x250
YC-FBD-15 10~15 52 5.5 16 23000 42 350x350x250
YC-FBD-30 20~30 114 7.5 30 40000 80 350x400x280
YC-FBD-60 45~60 212 11 50 65000 135 400x450x300
YC-FBD-100 75~100 335 18.5 65 95000 180 450x450x350
YC-FBD-150 100~150 496 18.5 75 105000 210 450x500x400
YC-FBD-200 150~200 650 22.5 100 150000 300 500x500x450
YC-FBD-300 200~300 970 37.5 130 200000 390 500x600x500
YC-FBD-500 400~500 1600 45 160 230000 450 650x700x600
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. Pharmaceutical: For pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and Chinese medicine's granulation or drying.
  2. Food: Instant food, instant juice powder, seasoning, food additive, lactic acid bacteria's granulation or drying
  3. Chemical: Synthesis raw material, and pigment granulation or drying

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