Fluid Bed Dryer


Spray Granulator

Drying: The high drying efficiency is because the powder or granules are fluidized in the drying chamber and the container is using a turbo blower, the hot air passed through the powder or granules from bottom to the top of drying chamber to remove the humidity.

Granulation: Spray atomized binder or active ingredients on the suspension powder by spray guns to formm the uniformity granules.


  1. Drying: The better time saving of YENCHEN's FBD to dry powder or granules is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven.
  2. Granulation: The better fluidity and solubility of the granules after spraying the binder or active ingredients from the top to the fluidized powder.

Description of the process

Super Mixer and Granulator → Fluid Bed Dryer and Granulator → Cone Mill → Tumbling Mixer

Optional Devices are available

  1. Explosion proof system (when oranic solvent is used)
    1. 2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room is on the top floor (Safety relief duct towards up)
    2. 2 Bar pressure resistant design; Suitable for the room beside outdoor (Safety relief duct towards back)
    3. 10 bar pressure resistant design; No safety relief duct
    4. Safety relief duct: An organic solvent is not used
  2. WIP or CIP system
  3. Dehumidifier device
  4. Dust collector system (Dry or Wet type)
  5. High accuracy air volume / pressure measuring device
  6. Powder leakage detector
  7. Suction device (Or connect with YENCHEN's Super Mixer and Granulator)
  8. Vacuum discharge (Closed type)
  9. Lifting and tilting device

Model Choosing

  • Single Shaking type of FBDG: For this model cannot add bottom spray or side spray.
  • For bottom spray or side spray please choose YENCHEN's Double Shaking type of FBDD.


  • 1. Follow the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA
  • 2. High drying efficiency: The normal granules drying time is about 30-45 minutes/batch, FBD is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven
  • 3. Top spray atomizing: Fast spray granulation time and uniformity
  • 4. Mixing, granulation and drying are in one machine: Save space and time
  • 5. The integrated drying chamber has a strong strength and easy to clean
  • 6. One of the features of Fluid Bed Dryer - the bag filter movement is designed by an auto pneumatic operation
  • 7. The inlet air is filtered by a final filter to secure the cleanness of the inlet air
  • 8. The bag filter is made of a static electricity conductivity cloth to discharge static electricity
  • 9. Touch Screen Interface control system: All the parameters can be memorable, multilevel of passwords can be set, connect to the diagrams printing are optional available
  • 10. An optional dehumidifier can be installed for the thermosensitive product like pro-biotic
  • 11. Customized equipments to connect with other equipments like Super Mixer, Cone Mill, or Lifting Device, etc.


ModelWorking CapacityVolume of ContainerFan MotorAir FlowHeating VolumeSteam ConsumptionRoom Dimension
* Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. Pharmaceutical: For pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and Chinese medicine's granulation or drying.
  2. Food: Instant food, instant juice powder, seasoning, food additive, lactic acid bacteria's granulation or drying
  3. Chemical: Synthesis raw material, and pigment granulation or drying



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